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Alternatives to Police in Schools

School leaders, educators, and parents all want to keep students safe in school. For many years, the default attempt at improving school safety has been to increase police presence in schools. However, 2020 has marked a shift in momentum towards removing school police, as communities search for ways to encourage equitable school environments. School districts in Illinois and across the country have begun to rethink the use of police officers, often known as School Resource Officers. (TSDC) on

Trauma Informed Care

JTC Academy understands that having police in the building as a form of discipline, can actually cause harm to vulnerable students and does not support a trauma informed care approach.  The presence of school police is also more likely to set students up to fail and lacks substantial benefits. 

Police are often punitive, lack training in dealing with students having special needs, and can increase trauma or re-traumatize our youth.  In fact, police in schools often use harsh tactics that escalate rather than deescalate students. JTC practices POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORTS at all times for the well being and safety of our students. 

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