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Fred Macklin, Chef

Fred began his love for cooking at the age of 6 when he began working alongside his retired grandmother in the kitchen. They cooked together every day making hot meals for his working mom and the family. He has fond memories of making dough from scratch, rolling it out and creating sweet potato and apple pies. His grandmother taught him to make sure to have the correct measurements of the ingredients. She had an eye for perfection and made sure Fred also worked towards perfection in his cooking. She is his true inspiration and is his reason for becoming a chef.

Annual Parent/Guardian Dinner 

Ask about our parent open house. Fred will be making dinner for our parents/guardians and our students. 


Our Chef:  Fred Macklin

Fred Macklin is a graduate of East St. Louis High School and has also completed his Culinary Arts Degree. Fred worked as a chef at the Casino Queen prior to coming to our organization. Fred takes his time and makes sure that everything he prepares is in its best form. We are blessed and quite spoiled with the cuisines that he prepares for our youth and staff.

Fred’s Creations

Horticulture Therapy 

Student Garden

Our youth grow all types of fresh vegetables and fruits that Fred uses in his recipes.

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