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JTC Academy firmly believes that all students can redeem themselves and turn past attitudes, beliefs and behaviors into positive, constructive, life-long successes.

Approved Eligibilities


 LD, OHI, ID, ED and students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Age Range Accepted:  Boys and Girls from the Ages of 5-21, Grades K-12

Our highly skilled and appropriately licensed teachers, therapists, support and medical staff including our child and adolescent psychiatrist and school nurse work collaboratively together to create the very best individualized and tailored plans for each of our students.

Clinical Model

Our therapeutic supports, systems and practices stem from our belief in this statement as well as our commitment to teaching students the skills necessary both academically and socially to be on this path to succeed in everyday life. In combination with our supports, systems and practices, JTC Academy provides individual and group counseling by highly qualified Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPCs) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) as designated in student’s IEPs while clinically defining issues and intervening through appropriate treatment planning.

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