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Our Services

JTC Academy provides both educational and therapeutic services for students from area school districts within a 45 mile radius. Students served at JTC Academy may have the following diagnosis(es): LD, OHI, CD, ED, and Autism from grades K-12.


JTC will strive to provide and meet the individual goals of all students and the Academy’s Goals including:

  • Employing only highly qualified and licensed teachers, licensed teacher assistants and licensed professional counselors that meet Illinois and Missouri education and licensure requirements.
  • Providing appropriate counseling through the use of Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) or Licensed Professional Social Workers (LCSW) that clinically define issues and intervene through appropriate treatment planning;
  • Providing opportunities and programming that contribute to self-awareness and positive relationships through creative expression, aesthetic appreciation, physical activities, various therapeutic approaches and techniques and an overall life-long good health;
  • Aggressively Increasing literacy skills and competency through intensive reading programming;
  • Assisting in creating a well-defined plan for post-secondary transitioning including job/career preparation, housing and peer socialization; and finally
  • Maximizing successful reintegration to a lesser restrictive environment by utilizing the universal expectations and school-wide behavior management system of JTC Academy.

Students Accepted at JTC
  • Students with IEPs from school districts in Missouri and Illinois that show private day placement or through manifestation determination
  • Students accepted have an educational diagnosis of LD, OHI, CD, ED and Autism from grades K-12
  • Students with documented long-standing disturbances as a result of abuse, neglect, extreme violence, and abandonment in areas of family and/or surrogate family functioning
  • Students having sexually problematic behaviors
  • Students having limited success in several less restrictive environments
  • Students needing an interim placement during the IEP referral/evaluation process
  • Students that are a “Run Risk” (With high risk to harm self or others)