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HR Mission Statement

We serve the JTC Academy community by delivering fair and adequate policies and programs, provide exuberant talent for management solutions, and unite equal opportunity to all staff and partnerships.

HR Vision

Human Resources will maintain excellent practices to engage diverse, certified staff to provide an exceptional environment that advances the personal and professional well-being of all students and staff.

HR Values

The Human Resources Department provides support to the JTC Academy's, values, visions, and objectives by administering a wide-range of human resource services that:

  • Provide employees with medical benefits to full time staff to enhance employee's personal and professional growth.
  • To help recruit, retain and develop a highly competent, diverse workforce that supports the mission, vision and values of JTC Academy under the 401 state law.
  • Provide services to a diverse group of employees as well as students.
  • Treat everyone with empathy, understanding, dignity, and create an environment of openness, trust and respect.
  • Provide support for faculty and staff concerning decisions that affect them.
  • Follows affirmative action hiring practices to encourage racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace.
  • Provided efforts to promote, recruit, and retain qualified employees. 
  • Create and maintain an environment that supports, develops and cares for the well-being of the employees.

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