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JTC Academy strongly believes that a solid academic program is mandatory to our students' success.  It is our goal to meet each of our student's needs therapeutically.  However, JTC Academy's strong academic component is imperative in order for our students to get caught up, graduate and move on to colleges and/or post-secondary vocational programs.  Therefore, in addition to our high quality, direct instruction by Illinois Certified Teachers, JTC Academy offers a wealth of tech programs and software that meets the individual needs of our students as well as follows the Common Core State Standards. 



JTC Academy has incorporated iLit to its numerous resources provided for our students.


iLit is a tablet-based reading intervention for students in grades 4-10. It has everything our students need to gain up to two years of reading growth in a single year!!


Click on the picture to learn more about iLit and how it can help your child further develop their reading skills!


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