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JTC Academy East and JTC Academy West are schools dedicated to providing special education and therapeutic services.  In order to do this, we have the best of the best staff including teachers, teacher assistants, teacher aides, social workers, support staff, counselors, nurses and a child and adolescent psychiatrist.  JTC believes that students learn differently in both academics and behavior modification.










Mission Statement


“JTC Academy will create a nurturing and challenging environment in which all students achieve success, develop personal responsibility, and become lifelong learners. We will promote a partnership with students, parents, businesses, and the community; utilize effective teaching methods and current technology; employ only highly qualified staff that are certified by the state of Illinois and provide quality, comprehensive academic, career, and life-skill experiences.”





                JTC Academy believes that:

  • All students can redeem themselves and turn past attitudes, beliefs and behaviors into positive, constructive, life-long success. 

  • A quality education is essential for a successful adulthood;

  • A quality education can only be accomplished through highly qualified staff that meet Illinois and Missouri State Standards regarding required education and licensure in special education;

  • Teachers from JTC Academy teach through the use of technology the majority of the day since these skills are essential in our ever changing world of technology;

  • Students need to have good reading skills in order to be successful in everyday life;

  • Appropriate social skills and behaviors are mandatory to succeed in everyday life;

  • Students reach their full potential through the cooperative efforts of the school and community and relationship building;

  • Education is a lifelong process that provides the foundation upon which success is built;

  • Students need to learn to be adaptable in a changing world;

  • Students will be educated in a team building environment that fosters dignity and self-esteem;

  • Respect for others and personal responsibilities are essential for creating a productive learning environment.




    JTC will strive to provide and meet the individual goals of all students and the Academy’s Goals including:

  • Employing only highly qualified and licensed teachers, licensed teacher assistants and licensed professional counselors that meet Illinois and Missouri education and licensure requirements.

  • Providing appropriate counseling through the use of Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) or Licensed Professional Social Workers (LCSW) that clinically define issues and intervene through appropriate treatment planning;                           

  • Providing opportunities and programming that contribute to self-awareness and positive relationships through creative expression, aesthetic appreciation, physical activities, various therapeutic approaches and techniques and an overall life-long good health;

  • Aggressively Increasing literacy skills and competency through intensive reading programming and measuring competency through the DRA, IREADY Reading Assessments and teacher assessments;

  • Assisting in creating a well-defined plan for post-secondary transitioning including job/career preparation, housing and peer socialization through our “JUMP” program;

  • Students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are provided additional communication supports such as the empirically supported techniques of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), visual supports, Sensory Integration (SI) and Facilitated Communication. Academic supports are accessed through the tenets of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and various cognitive learning strategies that complement the curricula offered at JTC Academy;

  • At JTC, our overarching goal is to assist in maximizing successful reintegration to lesser-restrictive educational settings and/or post-secondary transition, to the extent appropriate for each individual student. In order to achieve these goals, data is collected and analyzed on the following programmatic outcomes: 

  • Students will decrease maladaptive behavior as measured by data points (“referrals”) in the SWIS suite system. 

  • Students will increase intrinsic motivators through increased school-readiness expectations as measured by movement through the point and level system (formal approach to behavioral interventions) at JTC Academy. 

Lastly, JTC Academy’s leadership team will review and refine our Campus Improvement Plan (CIP), a fluid document reviewed and revised annually, as a means of centralizing data, reflecting and interpreting this data and creating our annual staff development plan and instructional plans to best meet the needs of JTCA students.  Data including all academic data, attendance data, SWIS Data, transition data, reintegration data and academic data to identify areas of needed improvement for training within data analysis.


School-Wide Covenant

We, the administration and staff of JTC Academy, recognize that effective teaching and learning takes place in a school climate of respect and responsibility. Creating this climate of both academic and behavioral success is a process that involves all staff in developing and gaining consensus on student expectations and the procedures to uphold those expectations.

What we believe about student behavior and discipline is foundational to our success, unifies us, and guides our actions—the decisions we make, the practices we choose, and our interactions with others.


Views on Discipline:

  • Our students may not have had the opportunity to learn respectful and responsible behavior. We must not assume students know the behaviors and social skills that will lead to their success.


  • Discipline is a teaching responsibility. Teaching students to be socially competent is as much a part of our responsibilities as is the teaching of academics.


  • Mutual respect is central to all we do at JTC Academy. Effective discipline requires respect for students at all times.


  • Student discipline is a collaborative effort. All staff must work together as a team, striving for consensus on procedures and consistent implementation.


  • Student discipline is a shared responsibility. Helping students to be respectful and responsible requires the combined effort of all staff. We all “own” each and every one of the students at JTC Academy, and are jointly committed to their success.


  • Respectful and responsible student behavior occurs when staff hold the same high expectations and maintain consistently low tolerances for inappropriate behavior.


  • Modeling is a powerful teaching tool. The adults at JTC Academy must always model the behaviors of respect and responsibility expected of students.


  • Our efforts to help students become socially competent require ongoing teaching, encouragement and correction. Discipline is the slow, bit-by-bit process of helping students to be self-disciplined.


  • Student discipline is most impacted by the climate of our building. Discipline is not an event, it is the way we live and treat each other on a daily basis.


We also understand that we must all work in harmony to achieve the climate we seek. The involvement of each and every staff member is essential; full engagement is both a right and a responsibility.




  1. Participate fully in all staff development activities provided to guide our school-wide discipline planning.

  2. Commit time over the next 18-24 weeks to learn best practices for creating a positive school climate and well-disciplined classroom and school. 

  3. Reflect on and analyze my own behavior and apply new procedures fully and enthusiastically with integrity.

  4. Be direct, communicate authentically, and seek assistance or clarification when uncertain, frustrated, or experiencing difficulty implementing agreed upon procedures.

  5. Put students first and work diligently to teach every student to be respectful and responsible.

  6. Support my peers in their efforts to create the very best school climate possible.


The objectives of this Handbook are:

  • To foster continuity and consistency in both academies regarding personnel practices.

  • To foster continuity and consistency in both academies to help create a healthy, pleasant, and safe working environment for its employees and promote high staff morale through uniform and fair treatment.

  • To foster continuity and consistency in both academies regarding ISBE rules and standards.

  • To foster continuity and consistency in both academies regarding safety and security of our staff and students.

  • To foster continuity and consistency in both academies regarding academics and therapy components.

  • To foster continuity and consistency in both academies regarding food services and transportation.

  • To foster continuity and consistency in our behavioral plans, modifications and techniques.